The Department for Transport is planning action over provision of lorry parking facilities, and setting minimum standards for them, according to transport minister John Hayes.

In a statement to Parliament he said the proposals had come out of a round table about roadside facilities and parking for lorry drivers. This followed an adjournment debate, secured by Helen Whately, the member for Faversham and Mid Kent, about fly-parking in Kent.

Key issues identified at the round table are:

• the join-up between national and local planning frameworks;

• provision of lorry parking facilities;

• minimum standards at such parking facilities;

• payment systems for facilities;

• when facilities are supplied ensuring there is enforcement against lorries stopping in the wrong place (including achieving that without a proliferation of signs and lines).

Hayes said: “In due course I will set out actions to tackle each and all of these.”

A contract awarded last week for an extensive national survey of lorry parking to be completed by the spring tom provide evidence about what should be done where.

Work is also under way to encourage private sector distribution centres to allow drivers to have access to decent facilities when supplying them.

Hayes added: “I chaired another round table on 17 November about recruitment into the logistics sector. Better lorry parking and facilities can contribute to improving the recruitment and retention of drivers. However it is one of many issues where government working with the private sector can contribute.

“I look forward to working with Members of Parliament (including the All Party Parliamentary Group on Freight), local authorities, the haulage industry, the trade unions and all other interested stakeholders to develop our plans.”