Morrisons has slashed the price of a litre of diesel to under £1 a litre. The supermarket was the first to announce the price drop, effective from today, which will see diesel sold for 99.9p a

litre at all Morrisons UK forecourts. The move was followed by Tesco, which announced that from today it would match the lower diesel price. And Asda and Sainsbury’s said they would each drop their diesel price to 99.9p from tomorrow.

Morrisons chief executive Marc Bolland said: “Morrisons is taking the lead again in helping motorists. This time, we’re the first in the UK to sell diesel for less than £1 a litre. We are absolutely committed to giving the strongest value for our growing number of customers.”

The company said the latest reduction meant it had slashed up to 34p a litre off diesel prices since July – the equivalent of saving more than £18 on a full tank of fuel on an average diesel family car.

James Tan, Sainsbury’s head of petrol, added: “Our petrol prices are among the lowest in the country and our customers can be confident that whenever they fill up with us, they are getting the best possible value. From tomorrow, many will see prices drop as low as 87.9p for unleaded and 99.9p for diesel.



"We will continue to monitor prices on a local basis to ensure that Sainsbury’s customers are always paying a competitive price for their fuel."