The majority of drivers want the next government to implement tax cuts on fuel, according to a poll by insurer The company found

80% of drivers wanted this as a priority following the election – meaning the pledge from Tory leder David Cameron to introduce a ‘fair fuel stabiliser’ to reduce fuel duty when oil prices rise should find favour with motorists.

Meanwhile, voters had little faith in any of the political parties being ‘good for motorists’ after the election – 11% thought a Conservative government would be best for motorists (the top rated party), followed by 6% Labour, 3% Liberal Democrats and 2% the Green Party.

However, 50% didn’t know which party would be best while 26% believed none of the parties would support motorists’ needs.

The poll also found:
• 43% want a reduction in road tax
• 61% want the government to get tougher on uninsured drivers
• 43% want greater action to punish dangerous drivers
• 33% want action to reduce road congestion
• 35% of drivers want investment in better public transport to reduce the environmental impact of motoring
• 31% of motorists say the next Government should encourage manufacturers to develop greener cars
• 20% of drivers want more freight to shift from roads to the railways

Tina Shortle, marketing director for, says the political parties seem to be ignoring motorists during the current election campaign. She explains: "There are 38 million motorists in the UK contributing billions to the tax coffers and the economy, yet we have seen little in the way of debate or policy promises from the political parties to address the big issues that drivers are facing.

"Our research shows that people want action to cut their motoring tax burden and crack down on uninsured drivers, both of which add to the overall cost of driving. But these issues are not being addressed. It’s no wonder that half of drivers have yet to decide which party they feel will be good for motorists."

(Research was carried out among 540 motorists during April 2010.)