Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) has been awarded a five-year global contract with EG Group, which operates as Euro Garages in the UK, for the provision of its ClearView and

Fairbanks wetstock management services.

Sites within the EG Group global network – including those in Germany, the USA, Australia, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy - will receive real-time monitoring and advanced wetstock investigation services, designed to help businesses lower operational costs and improve profit margins, while keeping them legally and environmentally compliant.

EG Group will benefit from fuel loss identification services, determining losses caused by a variety of factors, including leakage, delivery shortages, spillage and evaporation, theft, fraud and meter drift. They will also have access to the Fairbanks Station Manager online web portal, which centralizes data from across the network, giving users greater insight into stock levels, pump and nozzle activity and alarm notifications, as well as access to many detailed reports which help to maintain forecourt efficiency and availability.

The contract engages DFS as EG Group’s global wetstock management partner for their current estate, but also for sites and networks they acquire during the term of the contract. EG Group already has a strong presence in the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, the USA and Australia and has grown significantly in recent years building a global network of around 4,700 sites. 

The contract is a significant success for DFS: "We are confident that the wet-stock management services from DFS will truly benefit the EG Group network," said Guy Bickerstaffe, EG’s group director of development. “Having a third-party monitoring service take care of our wetstock management gives us peace of mind, leaving us safe in the knowledge that even the smallest instances of fuel loss don’t go unnoticed. It’s a real cost-saving investment for us, with the added benefit of protecting the environment from the detrimental effects of leaks to ground.”

Andy Sullivan, business global wetstock business unit director, DFS, said: “This contract builds upon the strong customer-centric focus that DFS has exercised whilet delivering its service to EG Group sites in the UK over the past eight years, resulting in a strong business relationship that both parties were keen to expand upon. DFS looks forward to continuing to nurture this partnership as the EG Group network grows.”

DFS is part of Dover Corporation that delivers advanced fuel dispensing equipment, electronic systems and payment, fleet systems, automatic tank gauging and wetstock management.