Independent forecourt retailers in parts of the UK are being encouraged to reduce their costs by signing up to a free solarPV electricity scheme which uses their canopies and shop roofs.

Due South Energy is looking for suitable sites for its ‘RentaRoof’ scheme, where solar photo-voltaic panels are installed on roofs, under a 25-year lease.

As Due South Energy will receive money through Government ‘Feed In Tariffs’and any ‘Export Tariffs’ from any unused electricity, it will pay the installation and maintenance costs of the panels, while the site owner receives free use of the electricity generated.

Chartered surveyor and site finder Byron Evans is on the lookout for suitable canopies and roofs across the southern parts of England and Wales on behalf of Due South Energy. He said: ”Due South Energy will install and maintain a solar PV system of up to 50 Kwp per annum capacity for business users of electricity. The systems generate electricity during daylight hours and the owner gains free use of this electricity for 25 years, without the need for significant capital investment.

“Due South Energy receives the Feed In Tariffs and this money is used to finance the scheme. It means that Due South Energy pays the installation, site survey, planning and maintenance costs. Reasonable legal costs for connected schemes are also payable.”

A 50Kwp system will produce about 45Kilowatt hours of electricity each year which, with a present price of say 13 pence per unit equates to a value of about £5,850 per annum.

Evans added: “With energy costs rising all the time the RentaRoof scheme gives businesses an opportunity to reduce their running costs significantly.”

The scheme is funded by the Feed In Tariff and any Export Tariff. In order to provide sufficient financial return for the investment the sites need to be located in areas with relatively high levels of sun irradiation.

Sadly this does restrict the scheme. However, it is hoped that site owners in the south and west of England, East Anglia and the southern half of Wales will benefit.

With the Department of Energy and Climate Change likely to reduce the rate of Feed In Tariff with effect from April 1, 2012, the current round of schemes must be completed and connected to the National Grid no later than next March.

For more information on the ‘RentaRoof’ scheme go to

Anyone interested in the scheme can contact Mr Evans via email: or telephone: 07850 861343. He is usually accessible from 9am to 9pm seven days per week.

Conditions for suitable sites include:

• Between 250 and 400 m2 of suitable roof space which must be flat or face south or south-west or south-east.

• Three phase electricity must be available at the site.

• Roofs must not be covered with asbestos.

• The canopy or other buildings’ structures and the roof coverings must have a minimum 25 year life span remaining.

• Roofs must be free from shade.

• Owners must be able to issue Due South Energy with a 25-year lease for the roof(s) which the system will be installed upon.