Engenie, the rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging operator, has installed its first two rapid EV charge points in Cardiff city centre as part of a wider rollout that will more than double the number of rapid chargers in the city.

Each site is powered by renewable energy and will host two rapid charging points.

When the roll-out is completed mid-2020, there will be 12 chargers across six sites.

Each rapid charging point is simple to use, requires no membership or connection fee and operates with standard contactless payment cards. The chargers are compatible with every EV on the market today and provide 80 miles of charge in just 30-60 minutes.

Patrick Sherriff, property director, Engenie, said: “We’re making EV charging a simple and easy process for visitors, businesses and residents of Cardiff by installing the most user-friendly rapid charging points available today. Our partnership with Cardiff council is supporting drivers making the switch to EVs as well as the council’s plan to improve air quality in the city.

“Cardiff’s ‘smart city’ approach to tackling air pollution is demonstrating that there are different avenues to achieving a clean air city. Embracing technology can be equally effective as low emission zones, while also encouraging more drivers to make the switch to electric.

Engenie is covering all costs associated with installing and servicing the rapid charging points, and will share profits with the council.

Michael Michael, cabinet member for clean streets, recycling and environment at Cardiff Council, said: “By partnering with a progressive company like Engenie, which installs, manages and maintains the rapid chargers, we’re able to deliver essential EV infrastructure at no cost to the council. This influx of private investment into the city means we can continue to drive investment back into vital public services.”