ExxonMobil is set to invest more than $1 billion in three refineries to boost supply of cleaner burning diesel by about six million gallons per day. ExxonMobil Refining and Supply will construct new units and modify existing facilities at its refineries in Baton Rouge

in Louisiana, Baytown, Texas, and Antwerp in Belgium.

Sherman Glass, president, Refining & Supply, said: “This underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to meeting the growing needs of the marketplace while, at the same time, providing cleaner burning fuels to consumers.

“Our increase in diesel production at these three sites will be equal to the diesel produced from about four average-size refineries. In combination with cleaner-burning engines and the latest vehicle emissions control technologies, this low sulphur diesel reduces emissions in both on-road transportation, and off-road industrial sectors.”

ExxonMobil said the move was the latest in its efforts to increase supplies and reduce the sulphur content of both motor gasoline and diesel. In 2000, the company began an integrated approach to convert and modify refineries, terminals and pipelines to provide ultra low sulfur fuel products. The refineries’ modifications and expansions are expected to be completed by 2010, increasing production of diesel with sulfur levels of 15 parts per million (ppm) or less.