Fuel price campaigner Fair Fuel UK is holding a mass lobby of MPs at Westminster next week in a bid to convince the government to cut fuel duty.

Motorists are being urged to join the mass lobby in the House of Commons at 1pm on Wednesday March 7, which is being dubbed National Fair Fuel Day.

Motoring journalist and TV personality Quentin Willson, spokesman for FairFuel UK, said: “If you’re a FairFuel UK supporter, or if you’re just worried about how you’re going to carry on running your car, your van, your bus or your lorry, let’s do something serious in 2012. Let’s have a National Fair Fuel Day.

“Let’s go to Westminster in our hundreds and our thousands and make our feelings absolutely clear to the government and the Treasury. Because if we don’t, we’ll be looking down the barrel of £1.70 or even £1.80 and that will mean the economy will just crumble to the touch. So this year is about making a huge difference and getting up to London and lobbying your MP and showing the government how important this issue is to you.”

Motorists should go to www.fairfueluk.com and register online to support the event. On the day, campaigners will meet at Old Palace Yard – just outside the House of Commons. In small groups, the Police will let them enter Parliament and go to the main reception area – Central Lobby.

There, people will be asked fill in a slip (called a Green Card), and staff will try to locate the relevant MPs. If they are in the building, they will come out; if not, they will see the pile of Green Cards on their return.