Fairbanks has completed the installation of a range of wet-stock solutions in more than 1,500 Shell forecourts across 14 countries in the past four months. Services include statistical inventory reconciliation, intelligent web reporting and real-time data collection and analysis using the Fairbanks ibank device.

Fairbanks has been rolling out wet-stock management solutions to the Shell network since September 2012, and will be providing its services to over 3,000 sites across three3 continents once the scheme is fully implemented. Wet-stock data is recorded and relayed to Fairbanks’ Lancashire offices where a team of analysts identify and resolve issues such as underground pipe and tank leaks, pump faults and fuel theft. Additionally, Fairbanks’ web-based reporting tools give Shell management access to accurate data, allowing their retailers to focus on their customers with the peace of mind that their wet-stock data is under control.

To date Fairbanks has fitted its real-time monitoring device, ibank, in over 400 Shell UK sites. To support the international nature of Shell’s business, Fairbanks has developed a web-based multi-language e-learning platform. This programme has been launched in eight countries, giving forecourt management the ability to take advantage of the online wetstock reporting system that Fairbanks makes available to all of its customers.

Steve Jones, Fairbanks’ managing director, was keen to highlight the work involved in implementing such a large project: “We have put together a specialist implementation team to oversee the rollout of this project. There is no doubt that this has been a significant undertaking for the Fairbanks team, and I am very pleased that we have risen to the challenge of helping Shell meet its exacting standards and been able to deliver the project on time. We look forward to building on this successful relationship over the coming months.”

The project will continue to roll out in 2013 with an additional 1,500 sites due to go live with the Fairbanks solution.