FairFuelUK is calling for an inquiry into pump prices and is accusing retailers of profiteering on diesel.

Campaigners Quentin Willson and Howard Cox are meeting with MPs this week to press for an inquiry and say that diesel prices have not come down as much as petrol, after the price of oil plummeted.

At the beginning of September before the recent fall the average price differential between unleaded petrol and diesel was around 4ppl. This week however it had climbed to 7ppl and the campaigners say retailers are using the headlines about petrol prices to distract attention from the diesel prices.

Howard Cox, founder of Fair Fuel UK said: “Retailers are cheating 11 million motorists by not cutting diesel prices as much as petrol. We are seeing at least 3p being held back on petrol prices as compared to petrol.

This unprincipled profiteering adds even more to their time-honoured deliberate delays in reflecting rightful prices at the pumps. Distribution businesses are paying substantially more than they should be for diesel.

“If retailers were not so greedy, we’d all be paying less for the goods the haulage industry carries.”