Campaigning group FairFuelUK is urging motorists and businesses to contact their MPs and ask them to support a Budget amendment that would see the August 3ppl fuel duty rise scrapped.

FairFuelUK has been working with a group of supportive MPs to have a proposed amendment put forward to the Budget. If selected for debate and voted through, the amendment would see the tax hike stopped. To stand a chance of it being selected for debate, the campaign needs lots of MPs to sign up in advance to support a change before it can be formally tabled in June.

Quentin Willson, motoring journalist and spokesman for FairFuelUK, said: “We have a moment of opportunity to stop the massive 16p a gallon tax hike on petrol and diesel that the chancellor waved through in the Budget. The government will be hoping that this issue will not attract enough support.

“The government will put enormous pressure on its MPs to toe the Party line and not support a move to scrap this rise,” added Willson. “They will want to see the Budget go through ‘intact’ including the 3p rise in Fuel Duty. We understand that MPs have a loyalty to their Party. However, we know that petrol and diesel prices are the number-one issue for millions of families and businesses and are at crisis levels. This is an occasion when we need our MPs to represent you on this vital issue above and beyond all other political considerations.”

Motorists and businesses are being asked to email their MP directly via urging them to support the new clause.

Once emailed, a printed copy should be addressed to the MP and posted to House of Commons, Westminster SW1A 0AA. “Getting things ‘through the post’ has a really significant extra impact on MPs,” said Willson. “The letter would be even more powerful if you felt able to express ‘scrap the 3p fuel duty rise’ message in your own words.”

“Alternatively, call your MP on 0207 219 3000 (and then ask for their office) and speak to them or their staff saying just how serious this issue is to you, your family or your business. Ask them for an appointment to actually go and see them in their local constituency office. We know that many people would not normally do this sort of thing – but remember, these are your MPs and they are there to serve you. Please don’t feel intimidated – go and see them and set out why high petrol and diesel taxes are hurting you.”