Many families are considering selling a car in order to pay for Christmas and New Year bills, recent poll figures have shown.

The survey, carried out by new vehicle sales website has found that some people would be prepared to sell their second car in order to buy presents and treat their family to a bumper Christmas.

"In a time of austerity, people are looking to unlock the value in their cars in order to maintain a higher standard of living," said Robert Prime, sales director of

"Families citied pressure from their children for the latest ’must-have’ toys and gadgets, and the desire to have an all-the-trimmings Christmas for their decision to sell what they see as the luxury of an additional car.

"They also told us they wanted something in the bank to soften the blow of those inevitable January bills, with the second car number one on the list of luxury goods they’d want to sell.

"These results are hardly surprising," stressed Prime. "Families are under financial pressure from all sides these days, but the last thing they want to sacrifice is a happy Christmas for their children."

"We’re here for people who want to sell a car, but don’t have time for tyre-kickers, nor the confidence to take their vehicle to a murky auction.

"And with existing car sales websites getting a reputation for low prices, we get round that by pitching your car details direct at the dealers to make sure you get the best possible value for your property," said Prime.

"We’re confident that we’d even get a great price if Santa had a spare sleigh to sell."