A family was stuck at a Hampshire service station for three hours – when a petrol nozzle got stuck in their car’s fuel tank.

The family of four had to call out Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service after trying for three hours to pull the fuel nozzle from the car at Sutton Scotney services.

The petrol station on the A34 was unable to help them and the family didn’t have breakdown cover for their Renault Espace.

As a last resort they called out Winchester Fire Station, and fire fighters were able to use tools to free the nozzle from the tank.

Crew manager Ewen Ross told the Southern Daily Echo: “The garage said they wouldn’t help because the fault was with their car, not with their petrol pump.

“The AA said they’d have to pay a fee to join and they wouldn’t necessarily be able to do anything. As a last resort they called us.”

He added that there was not any risk to the petrol station, and it had not had to close.