The recent flooding in Cumbria, which has again struck in several areas, has brought mixed fortunes for service stations.

While some have only just been getting back into business, and others had to close for short periods at the peak of the floods, sites nearby who have been able to remain open have seen a surge in business from grateful customers.

Martin Richardson, who runs Cardewlees Service Station four miles from Carlisle, saw diesel sales increase by 90% after the first wave of flooding with petrol sales also well up.

The Esso branded service station is supplied by Greenergy, and a spokeswoman said they had been working closely with Martin to ensure he did not run out due to the surge in demand.

She said: “We have been working to ensure that we can accommodate any last minute orders. As an extra precaution, Greenergy will be available to make night deliveries. We pride ourselves on the flexibility that we are able offer our customers. Through going the extra mile we are able to build good relationships with our customers.”

Deliveries to other customers who have been able to remain open have also been affected by closures of roads and bridges in the county.

One dealer in Kendal had to cancel his delivery due to locally flooded roads, and Greenergy was able make a last minute change and rescheduled the delivery once the water had receded later that evening.

And in Cleator Moore, a driver had to find an alternative route to a customer after the road he usually used was blocked.