Forecourt Eye, which helps retailers deal with non payment for fuel, is expanding its system in partnership with Facewatch, a police-approved crime-reporting system that enables sharing of CCTV footage, images and information among subscribers about suspects and repeat offenders.

Forecourt Eye, working in a new partnership with Facewatch, is planning to roll out its technology to petrol retailers nationwide. The platform includes a secure cloud-hosted automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system linked to CCTV cameras to identify suspect vehicles and send out automatic alerts to warn retailers of potential fuel theft threats.

Nick Fisher, CEO of Forecourt Eye, said: “Our system allows the forecourt industry to take steps to tackle a fast-growing menace that is costing retailers millions of pounds every year.

“The sophisticated online tools we provide also offer enhanced protection for forecourt staff, providing an instant and direct link to police that improves conviction rates and acts as a very visible and effective deterrent.

“We believe this is one of the most significant advances in crime-prevention in the petrol retailing industry in decades.”

Facewatch chairman Simon Gordon said: “Facewatch’s partnership with Forecourt Eye heralds a new era in the crack down on fuel theft. Using our technology, businesses can upload CCTV footage, images and information about suspects to compile digital evidence files, including witness statements, which can be instantly reported to police.

“Subscribers can also share pictures and number plates with local forecourts and use our secure cloud-based ANPR (automated number plate recognition) system to receive alerts when known offenders drive into their forecourt. The next step in our development is to combine this with facial recognition software, which is being tested and will be ready to deploy within weeks.”

Forecourt Eye supports the enforcement of ‘No Means Of Payment’ with a full debt recovery service, commencing when payment is not received within the allotted time.

‘Make Off Without Payment’ civil litigation is supported in parallel with the criminal procedures.

The Facewatch crime reporting and intelligence sharing online platform has been awarded Secured by Design status, the official UK Police initiative restricted to companies or products that have been successfully tested to the highest standards.

Facewatch enables crimes to be reported to any police force in England and Wales and for the user to receive an official police crime reference back within 72 hours.