A new mortgage services company is giving forecourt retailers the chance to earn money by marketing financial solutions to its customers.

Bournemouth-based Ethical Mortgage Solutions (EMS) is recruiting local store/petrol forecourt owners to act as ‘introducers’ to new customers to market a ‘fees free’ remortgage/debt consolidation service.

EMS director Steve Royal said retailers can earn between £50 and £75 per completed mortgage – which may take a couple of months. All they have to do is display the necessary counter-top marketing material, which is a box about three inches square and 15 inches tall.

“There is no cost and no financial risk whatsoever to the participating stores and a minimum of stock is necessary,” said Royal. “We expect that a typical store, with average traffic, will be able to generate between 10-15 completed mortgage cases per month. Initially they will earn £50 for every completed mortgage, but if they top five one month, the following month they will earn £75 for every mortage completed.

“Personal debt is now at its highest ever, at over £1billion. Many people can save money by remortgaging to reduce or pay off their debts. On average,

savings could be £200-£350 a month. Supermarkets are now offering financial services, so why shouldn’t the forecourt sector?”

For details call Carly Wright on 01202 313700.