Boyzone’s Shane Lynch has launched a new efficient driving campaign by leading fuels and convenience retailer Topaz.

To mark the new campaign, the Boyzone star visited the Topaz site at Glasnevin in Dublin, just down the road from where he worked previously in his dad’s garage as a mechanic.

Shane, a keen driving enthusiast, says motorists cut down on their motoring costs by adapting their driving styles and making a number of small but key changes.

Topaz director Paul Candon said it was clear motorists wanted value for money, especially in light of the recent Budget and VAT increases on fuels.

"Not all fuels are the same. The additive in Topaz fuels makes them more fuel efficient – up to 3% more efficient when compared with fuels with no additives. So if drivers use Topaz AA quality checked fuels and follow the driving efficiency tips outlined on our website they can cut costs by up to 20%," Candon said.

Candon said the company also intended to highlight the rise in fuel laundering in Ireland and the dangers this illegal trade posed for motorists. A recent report estimated that 12% of the diesel market was now being supplied from illegal sources.

"Laundered fuels pose a high risk to motorists and their engines. While low prices may seem very appealing in the current environment, consumers should always purchase their fuels from trusted retailers as the costs of repairing an engine damaged by laundered fuels can run into thousands of Euro," he said.

Candon also urged the authorities to clamp down on this illegal trade. "Every tanker of illegal fuel costs the government €20K in lost taxes. If the government was to eliminate fuel laundering it would raise up to €200m in taxes from licensed and law abiding retailers. It’s worth comparing that figure to the new property tax which is generating a lot of headlines and which it’s estimated will raise €160m," Candon concluded.