MPs will debate a motion to lower fuel prices at 3pm today in the House of Commons after more than 100,000 people signed the Fair Fuel UK e-petition.

Conservative MP Robert Halfon drove through the e-petition, and his motion to rethink future tax rises is being backed by more than 100 MPs.

The government’s planned inflation-only duty hikes for January 1 and August 1 next year could add as much as 8ppl at the pump, according to RMI Petrol.

Halfon, who campaigns with Fair Fuel UK, said: “Economic growth is on the floor and this rise will force more people into poverty and push many businesses over the edge. Cutting fuel tax is more important than cutting taxes for high earners. A cut in fuel duty of significance would boost growth, create jobs, ease inflation and be fair.”

Motoring journalist and TV star Quentin Willson, who is spokesman for the Fair Fuel UK campaign, added: “If something drastic isn’t done, the first two quarters of 2012 will be an economic Armageddon the like of which we’ve never seen before. It’s time the government stops whistling in the dark and does something that instantly puts money back into people’s pockets.”