A promotion run by a petrol station in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, was so popular that it sold 80,000 litres of unleaded petrol in one day and it had to limit the amount customers could buy to avoid running out

The Total garage, in Ashby Road, which is owned by MRH, number one in Forecourt Trader’s Top 50 Indies, dropped the price of unleaded petrol to 125.9p a litre, the lowest price in Burton, and also cut diesel to 133.9p, also the lowest in the town.

However, customers flocked to the site and stocks were being depleted so fast that they had to impose a £25 limit to avoid running out before their next delivery.

John Lynn, managing director of MRH, commented: “We are running a promotion in Burton from our standard suite of promotions. We have a number of mechanics and this one is proving quite successful.”