GB Oils is aiming to strengthen its dealer support package with the roll-out of the HTEC GemPAY card payment terminal.

It says it will enable dealers to process transactions up to 10 times faster while providing increased end-user security in line with the latest PCI DSS compliance legislation.

GB Oils will be using industry expert, Suresite, as its agent to manage the new card platform as the company embarks on the roll-out across its 1,200-strong dealer network.

“After an intense three months of planning and development, we are delighted that the roll out is now under way,” said Paul Muncey, head of retail sales, GB Oils. “It is another significant step forward in the all-encompassing relationships that we are building with our dealers.”

“HTEC is an industry expert in this field and its GemPAY system is specifically designed to meet payment processing requirements of credit, debit and fuel cards within the forecourt sector. It utilises a proven hardware platform and the very latest advances in payment terminal technologies that are compatible with most point of sale systems. The equipment we have selected has proven reliability and is robust and user friendly.”

The new system accepts the Allstar EMV card along with both the Shell and Gulf account cards.

“Acceptance of the industry’s leading fuel cards is important to our dealers and we are working with BP to look to reintroduce the acceptance of the BP fuel cards as soon as possible,” continued Muncey.

“It’s altogether a better package for the forecourt and for our dealers. The new system is internet-based to process transactions faster and eliminate queues at the checkout and whereas transaction data was previously downloaded overnight, it’s now done in real time which improves security.”

The first phase fo the installation is now under way with the roll-out to more than 300 Gulf, Total, and Power branded dealers - previously serviced by Rontec - over the next three months. The second phase involves the roll out to all other Gulf, Pace and other branded forecourts in the GB Oils network