A 30-year old Gloucester man was jailed for 36 months yesterday, for a string of crimes including one of defrauding a petrol station.

In the forecourt aspect of the crime, Moulder stole his partner’s car and in doing so was driving without a licence or insurance. He filled the car up with £56-worth of fuel at a Tesco forecourt then told staff he didn’t have his wallet. He committed fraud by completing a form in his partner’s name.

According to punchlinegloucester.com, Samuel Moulder bullied and assaulted his vulnerable flatmate, stole his car and then defrauded a forecourt. But when Moulder was arrested, police found porn and images of children on his phone so he was charged in relation to that too.

At Gloucester Crown Court, Moulder was jailed for 36 months and disqualified from driving for 42 months. The judge heard that he had nine previous convictions for 18 offences on his record.