The Independent Garage Association’s (IGA) Trust My Garage (TMG) scheme is set to become a government-approved code specifically for the independent garage sector.

Following the move of the consumer codes approval scheme into the Trading Standards Institute (TSi), the IGA has announced that Trust My Garage will become the consumer facing badge of the whole independent sector.

The Trust My Garage consumer code will be unique as it will only be open to independent garage businesses. The code will highlight the qualities within the independent sector and promote peace of mind to its customers.

Stuart James, IGA director, commented: “Recently there has been criticism surrounding independent garage businesses which in many cases the IGA believes to be unsubstantiated and unjustified. With the independent sector being so huge the IGA believes that it is right to stand up for all the good independent garages.

“However, we accept there are a small number of garage businesses in the independent sector that cause consumer concerns. A Trust My Garage code will work with Trading Standards and other consumer bodies to address these concerns and offer assurance to consumers by driving out the cowboys.

“The code will start with the service repair industry and will help consumers identify good local garages who offer good customer service and a quality repair.

“The IGA is also evaluating the feasibility of extending the Trust My Garage brand to a code for independent used car sales. At this point Trust My Garage will truly represent the entire independent garage sector.”