A consultation on how to develop the advanced fuel industry in the UK has been launched by the government.

Advanced fuels is a term used to describe a variety of carbon-cutting fuels including the next generation of biofuels, hydrogen, synthetic fuels made in high-tech facilities and methane harvested from effluent and rotting food waste.

The ‘call for evidence’ is described as a first stage consultation that will help shape future government policies, and it will close on February 21 next year.

In a statement the Department for Transport said it was seeking evidence on the current state of advanced fuel development. It added: “We would like to understand more about the deployment potential of various fuel technologies, whether the market needs support or encouragement to develop and whether there is anything that the government can or should do to help.”

Transport minister Baroness Kramer said: “Over a fifth of UK carbon emissions come from transport. That’s why it’s crucial we develop sustainable low-carbon fuels so that we can keep Britain moving while meeting our emissions targets.

“Britain has a wealth of expertise in this field and is home to many innovative companies. We are asking for evidence on what this high-tech sector can do to decarbonise transport and create new, green jobs.”