The National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA) has written to transport minister Andrew Jones, raising its concerns that the promised plug-in motorcycle grant scheme has still not been delivered.

In March 2015, under the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government, the then business minister Matthew Hancock announced that motorcycles and scooters would join cars, vans, trucks and buses in the government’s drive for greener vehicles.

It was stated that up to £7.5m would be set aside to boost the uptake for electric two wheelers and help bikers bridge the cost gap between a zero emission electric motorcycle and conventional petrol versions. The grant would offer up to £1,500 off the purchase price and was intended to allow motorcyclists to reduce both their running costs and environmental impact.

Stephen Latham, head of the NMDA which represents motorcycle retailers across the UK, commented: “Following the announcement over a year ago, we are alarmed that the grant has still not been put in place for consumers and thus, dealers and the industry.

“We are not aware if the promised grant has been revoked under the new government and to-date there has been no further mention in action towards implementing it.

“This is now impacting on the electric motorcycle market and is discouraging would-be buyers from purchasing vehicles in wait of the grant. This has created both financial implications for businesses and consumers.

“The NMDA has written the minister to advise further as to when the industry can expect the grant policy to be implemented.”