The Government has launched its new campaign ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ aimed at businesses and the general public to encourage them to prepare for EU Exit on October 31,

regardless of whether it is expected that the UK will leave with or without a deal.

A new website has been launched featuring a 60-second click-through tool for individuals and businesses to check what they need to do to prepare for Brexit. The page also features a click through tool specifically for businesses.

The Government is also hosting Brexit Business Readiness Events across the UK which gives businesses the opportunity to meet government advisers and to find out what actions they need to take to prepare for the UK leaving the European Union. For more information and to register to attend visit

Meanwhile ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has launched a briefing for the convenience sector to help retailers consider how their business may be affected by the UK leaving the EU with no deal.

The Brexit Readiness Briefing covers three core elements that may be affected in the convenience sector: trading environment, workforce and people and regulations. Each of the sections includes a number of considerations for retailers to think about in relation to their business and suggests some preparations they can make in advance.

The briefing has been developed in close consultation with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, other relevant departments and shared with business groups.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Convenience store operators are concerned and confused about the impact of Brexit and in particular the consequences of exiting the EU without a deal or transition period. Retailers can’t prepare for every possible scenario but they can consider the main impacts on their business: supply chain disruption and product availability; the employment status of their workforce; and the regulatory changes that would occur.

“This briefing is a checklist of issues for local shops to be considering and taking action to prepare for, and we’re grateful to supply chain colleagues and government officials for advising on this work.”

For further information go to the ACS website or call the ACS public affairs team on 01252 515001.