A cross-industry group including BP, National Grid and the CBI has called on the government to support development of a network of ultra-fast charging technology – charging at above 150kW and up to 350kW – across the UK.

In a joint statement they said an ultra-rapid charging network would be one of the most convenient and cost-efficient solutions to overcoming consumer anxiety about the range of electric vehicles and charging vehicles away from home.

They said: “Spanning the strategic road network, city forecourts and fleet hubs, ultra-rapid chargers would provide drivers with the ability to make out-of-pattern and long-distance journeys and to charge their vehicle in less than 10 minutes.”

They concluded: “We ask that government works with us to set out a vision to significantly improve ultra-fast charging technology and ultra-rapid charging infrastructure. This should enable consumer acceptance, equality of access to consumers across the UK and efficient delivery of the enabling utility infrastructure.

“The UK will only achieve large-scale uptake of electric vehicles if there is a widespread network of vehicle charging points, which are easily accessible, and can charge a vehicle at a speed appropriate to the time spent at a given location. As an industry group, we are committed to playing our part in facilitating the transition to zero emission transport, and to working with Government to help deliver the confidence needed to shape the market.”

Other companies that signed the statement were Moto, ABB, Centrica, Siemens, the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, National Express and the Chinese automotive company BYD Auto.