Greenergy announced today it had consolidated its position as the biggest independent oil company in Scotland after doubling its fuel storage capacity

north of the border.



The UK fuel supplier confirmed it had secured exclusive use of the Clydebank fuel terminal, which is near Glasgow on the west coast of Scotland. It stated that the new tankage more than doubled its total fuel storage capacity in the region to 57,000 cubic meters, making the company "the largest independent fuel supplier in Scotland by a considerable margin".


Greenergy has been selling fuel to its customers in Scotland from Clydebank as well as the Grangemouth terminal on the east coast since October 2006. The company said it sets itself the highest standards of service and that the new tankage would generate "further operational efficiencies".


The new agreement at Clydebank is part of Greenergy’s nationwide expansion programme which also includes the recent purchase and regeneration of the Mayflower terminal in Plymouth. Further projects are planned for 2009.


Greenergy chief executive Andrew Owens said: "We are committed to an ongoing investment programme into fuel supply infrastructure across the UK. By expanding our facilities in Scotland we can optimise our operations and continue to build economies of scale. It will also ensure that we can further improve the level of service we provide our customers and significantly increase our operations in Scotland.”


According to Greenergy, it supplies more than six billion litres of fuel every year to customers across the UK, giving it more than a 11% share of the road transport fuels market. The company has a turnover of £4.8 billion including taxes, and customers include supermarkets, oil companies and resellers. Its products include main grade petrol, diesel and gasoil along with a high percentage of biodiesel blends and performance fuels including Tesco 99 Octane.