Leading fuel supplier Greenergy has added the Esso and Nisa brands to its offer for independent dealers. The new development means the company’s offer combines fuel supply with a choice of oil major and convenience brands, as well as a range of support services.

Greenergy reached an agreement with Esso last September to take over fuel supply to Esso dealers in Northern England, North Wales and Scotland, but the agreement was subject to review by the dealers affected. Following a successful review period, Greenergy today begins supplying Esso fuel to 90 existing Esso dealers and is also now able to offer the Esso fuel brand to non-Esso dealers. At sites under the Esso brand, customers can continue to use their Esso cards and can expect the same buying experience.

Separately, Greenergy has also reached an agreement with the Nisa Retail Limited to market its brands in the UK, extending the Nisa symbols from stores to forecourt.

Andrew Owens, Greenergy chief executive said:“Many independent forecourts are telling us that they want different solutions for different sites, so we’re creating the freedom to choose what’s right for each forecourt. Our offer gives the flexibility of site-specific brand and service options, plus the convenience and cost benefits of buying from a single national supplier.”

Raj Krishan, retail development director at Nisa, said: “Many of our retail members operate petrol stations with onsite stores and so we’re delighted to be able to support these members by extending our offering from the store to the forecourt. Through this exciting partnership with Greenergy, we’re now able to offer our members fuel supply under a choice of forecourt brands, including the Nisa and Loco symbol, with the operating efficiencies and high service levels for which Greenergy is renowned."