Greenergy has reassured the industry about the security of diesel supplies after the RAC warned there is a possibility that pumps in the UK could run out of diesel because of the growing reliance on imports.

The RAC pointed to the UK’s increasing need to import diesel as diesel demand has increased and said in the future that the UK would be dependent on overseas suppliers. It warned that if those overseas suppliers decided they needed to keep more of their supplies for their home markets then supplies could be interrupted and this would lead to higher prices and pumps could possibly run dry.

Andrew Owens, chief executive of Greenergy, commented: "The RAC is right to point out that the UK is having to look further and further afield for the diesel we need. That’s precisely why Greenergy has been investing in modern import terminals at North Tees and Thames Oilport.

"With their deep-water jetties, these investments will allow us to source more and more of our diesel direct from global producers, be they in the Middle East, Asia or the US, to ensure a low-cost and secure supply of diesel for our customers both now and in the future."