Two more retailers have signed up to Gulf, citing the oil company’s “logical and sensible” approach as the catalyst for change.

Windermere Service Station in the Lake District, and Blagrove Service Station in Swindon, are already seeing marked improvements following their move to Gulf.

Jaspal Singh Bhui, owner of Blagrove Service Station said: “For the past 12 years I had been operating sites for Esso as a franchisee. Unfortunately there was too much red tape and an increasingly dictatorial approach that takes no account of local knowledge.

“Gulf has supported us well,” added Jaspal. “The site has never looked better and although it is still early days, the Gulf brand has a strong presence and this has helped us to achieve an increase in volume despite all the price fluctuations of recent weeks.”

Jaspal’s site comprises a 14-pump forecourt with convenience store, rollover car wash and commercial diesel facilities, and was recently purchased from the Save Group.

Chris Simpson, owner of Windermere Service Station for the past 12 years, said the switch to Gulf was the first time the site had changed supplier in its 60-year life.

“We had reached a stalemate with Shell and they had an autocratic style which was detrimental to our business. The past few years with Shell were a painful experience – there was no flexibility in their outlook. Gulf is an enthusiastic partner and their way of doing things is such a refreshing change.

“We regularly discuss the local market place and how to respond to a given situation.”