Gwent Police is setting up a partnership with local petrol station as part of a new strategy to remove illegal off-road bikers from the streets.

Under the scheme, forecourt staff will refuse to allow illegal bikers to fill up, and will report them to the police.

Inspector Martin Cawley explained: “It’s something we’ve been discussing for a while – different ways to combat off-road bikers and their anti-social behaviour.

“Catching people on bikes is difficult and also dangerous. This scheme helps two-fold. It identifies the individuals involved and it helps to stop them refuelling.”

He said the initial response to the scheme has been promising.

“I think the general reception has been really good. The public and the petrol station owners are on board”, he said.

“We’re piloting the scheme in Newport East and we’re going to be extending it to Newport West, too.

“I’m hoping as many petrol stations as possible join in.”