Nearly a quarter of convenience store owners would like to reintroduce services such as home delivery of groceries, according to a survey of 1,100 retailers.

The Voice of Local Shops survey - released today by the Association of Convenience Stores - also revealed that many convenience store owners also want to embrace the future with in-store Wi-Fi and internet-style shopping.

The survey shows that many local stores are already going the extra mile to ensure that they serve their customers, with 43% providing home delivery for older and more vulnerable customers and one in four offering a complete home grocery delivery service.

However, according to the survey, many stores are embracing modern technology with one in seven looking to offer an online click and collect service. Additionally, close to one in 10 want to encourage customers to spend time in store by offering in-store Wi-Fi, while more than one in 20 want to offer a full online shopping service.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Local shops succeed by meeting the needs of their customers, whether that is older and more vulnerable customers who get a real benefit from home grocery delivery or more technologically savvy customers who want to be able to browse online while they shop. By offering a diverse range of services, independent retailers have established a point of difference that separates them from their competition and makes them invaluable to their customers.”