Honda has accelerated its electrification plans for Europe by moving forward its goal for all of its European mainstream models to feature electrified powertrains by 2022. It has also announced a tie-up with an energy company to promote home charging for all brands of electric cars.

The new target announced during an ’Electric Vision’ event in Amsterdam, is three years ahead of the previously announced 2025 goal.

This acceleration will see six electrified models launched over the next 36 months.

Tom Gardner, senior vice president, Honda Motor Europe, commented: “The pace of change in regulation, the market, and consumer behaviour in Europe means that the shift towards electrification is happening faster here than anywhere else in the world. As the pace of change continues to accelerate, we need to act sooner to meet these challenges head-on.

“I’m delighted to announce that all of Honda’s mainstream models here in Europe will be electrified not by 2025, but three years earlier, by the end of 2022, just 36 months from now.”

Honda has also announced a collaboration with Vattenfall, a leading European energy supplier, to provide a flexible electricity tariff specifically tailored for electric vehicle (EV) owners in Europe.

The two companies confirmed their intentions to jointly develop and market a flexible electricity tariff that will allow EVs to be charged at the most cost-effective times, relative to grid demand.

The tariffs – available to owners of any brand of compatible electric vehicle – also promote the use of electricity generated through renewable sources including hydropower and wind farms. The service will initially be available in UK and Germany in 2020, with other European countries to follow.

Vattenfall will also oversee the installation of Honda Power Charger domestic charge points, through preferred contractors in both the UK and Germany. The system consists of a charging unit that can be wall or pedestal mounted, with a maximum output of 7.4kW (single phase power supply) or 22kW (three-phase power supply).

At 22kW, Honda says e owners will be able to charge to 100% capacity in 4.1 hours, assuming a 32-amp supply, significantly faster than through a standard wall socket.

For EV users who park in on-street urban environments, customers of the new service will be able to use the ubitricity network of charging points together with its ‘smart cable’ mobile metering technology. ubitricity has a rapidly growing network of chargers in cities throughout UK and Germany, with 1,700 alone in London.

Jorgen Pluym, energy management project leader, Honda Motor Europe, commented: “This collaboration is a key pillar in the delivery of our energy management business for Europe. Partnering with Vattenfall will allow us to provide EV users with cost-effective charging for their vehicle while maximising the use of renewable energy. Honda is a true leader in this space and we excited about the potential for this new business area.”

Tomas Björnsson, head of Vattenfall E-mobility said: “Our goal is to make it easier for EV drivers all over north-western Europe. This important partnership shows that you can easily contribute to a fossil-free world, powered by renewable electricity, and at the same time lower your costs.”