Hoyer Petrolog has been awarded a new three-year contract by Esso to cover its UK delivery business for Tesco Express (Alliance). The contract to June 2019 also covers Esso’s industrial and wholesale delivery network in the UK.

Under the new contract Hoyer Petrolog will also undertake all supply chain management activities including order taking, stock management, planning and delivery confirmation for Esso.

Allan Davison, operations director for Hoyer Petrolog in the UK and Ireland, said the extension of operation to cover logistics on behalf of Esso was a significant development for the business.

He said: “I am delighted to announce this strengthening of our relationship with Esso and would like to thank everyone involved at Hoyer Petrolog for their contribution towards this successful outcome.”

The transition towards Hoyer fulfilling the new full service solution for Esso is likely to take around six months through to the second quarter of 2016.

The agreement with Esso follows a string of new business wins for Hoyer Petrolog including the recent additional branded wholesaler contracts awarded by Top 50 Indies Euro Garages, MRH and Rontec in the south of England.