Prices have been cut to 99.9ppl on unleaded and 103.9ppl for diesel at the Jet service station run by the family owned Jempson’s Supermarket at Peasmarsh, near Rye in East Sussex.

The prices were introduced on Monday November 23 and director Stephen Jempson said they had not set a time limit on how long they would hold the price.

He said: “We are buying on a daily basis and it’s based on Platts. Our customers have to drive to the store and fuel prices are important to them, so this is a thank you for their loyalty, and it drives footfall.”

In addition to the low fuel prices customers spending £25 on the forecourt also receive a voucher for £2.50 to spend in the store.

Stephen added: “Since the new prices were introduced our Facebook page and Twitter have been inundated with messages from customers. It proves that independents can compete.”

Meanwhile Morrisons is offering customers 7ppl off fuel for a spend of £40 in-store, meaning they will be paying less than £1 a litre for petrol.

Bryan Burger, Morrisons petrol retail director, said it would be the first time since June 2009 that customers had paid less than £1 per litre for petrol, adding: “Prices have been hovering above the £1 mark for months now and we believe that we can give motorists that feeling of turning back the clock and paying less than £1 for unleaded.”

Drivers of diesel cars, who buy their groceries in Morrisons, will also receive 7ppl cuts off the pump price.

The vouchers will be available until December 6.