Instavolt has announced it has reached a significant milestone in its development as it has delivered one gigawatt hour of renewable power to electric vehicle (EV) users in the UK.

The company, first commissioned chargers in September 2017, said the total was sufficient to power six million miles of motoring.

Adrian Keen, chief executive officer of InstaVolt, said: “This is a great achievement for InstaVolt, and shows us just how quickly the electric vehicle industry is growing. As well as a growing number of users, we are seeing confidence in our network increase as drivers arrive at our chargers with less remaining power in their batteries, knowing they’ll receive a reliable service with InstaVolt.

“This milestone further demonstrates that confidence in electric vehicles is growing, and we are a key part of that movement as we continue to roll-out chargers right across the UK.

“We are also seeing greater commitment to electric vehicles from the manufacturers with larger vehicles such as the Tesla Model 3, Jaguar iPace, Hyundai Kona and Audi e-tron all now on the market, all with bigger batteries delivering greater real-world range.

“The more drivers feel confident that they’ll be able to charge up quickly and easily, the more likely they are to make the switch to zero emissions vehicles, and this confidence will spread as we grow our network.”

Instavolt says its equipment is capable of charging at 125kW – halving the time it would take drivers of compatible vehicles, such as the Audi e-tron, to charge compared to rapid 50kW chargers.