More than 14,000 Jet customers have signed in-store pledges within two weeks as a result of 72 Jet sites around the country joining forces with road safety charity Brake to launch Jet’s ‘20 is Plenty’ campaign.

Aimed at encouraging a community-wide commitment to improving road safety for children in local areas, the initiative has been very well received, according to Tony Conway, marketing manager at Jet.
“We’re delighted with the level of support we have received for this campaign and would like to thank everyone that has taken the trouble to sign our pledge forms. This is clearly an emotive and important issue for everyone in the local communities around the sites that took part in this campaign. Hopefully by raising awareness, we will in turn help to improve safety on our local roads.”
The pledge forms gave customers the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to driving at or below 20mph in built up areas. Many of the Jet sites received hundreds of signatures, with one site, Intake 4 in Mexbourough, South Yorkshire, collecting 2,617 signatures.
Julie Townsend, campaigns director at Brake, says: “It’s fantastic that Jet has collected so many signatures in support of its ‘20 is Plenty’ campaign. This is further evidence that there is a huge amount of public support for slower speeds within communities to protect children and other vulnerable road users. Slowing down to 20mph or below in built-up areas is a life-saving act – if more drivers committed to doing this, our communities would be far safer places for families to get out and about on foot and bicycle without fear of fast traffic.”
The pledge forms will now be passed on to local MPs for the Jet sites in a bid to highlight local concern about speed limits in built up areas.