A judge has expressed surprise at the high cost of a sausage roll in a forecourt shop while hearing a theft case.

Maidstone Crown Court was told that Daniel Howe, 19, was arrested after stealing the sausage roll from the BP service station at London Road, Westerham, in Kent.

Ian Foinette, prosecuting, told the court that the garage owner wanted to be compensated for the theft, and told the court that the sausage roll cost £3.

Judge Philip Statman responded: “Three pounds for a sausage roll? It must have been a gourmet sausage roll.”

Howe pleaded guilty to the theft. The judge said he was not going to send the teen to prison over a stolen sausage roll, despite him being on a suspended sentence for a previous conviction at the time of the theft.

Judge Statman told Howe: “It would be completely over the top to send you to prison for stealing a sausage roll, but I am going to make it the most expensive sausage roll you are ever likely to eat. You will be fined £25 and pay compensation of £3.”