Fuel card and fuel management solutions provider Keyfuels has increased its network by more than 50% in the past few years.

Keyfuels, which manages billions of litres of fuel each year for some of Europe’s largest fleets, has the largest wholesale priced network in the UK with more than 1,500 sites.

Alex Harper, head of sales at Keyfuels, said: “Twenty years ago there were 20,000 fuel sites in the UK. Today, there are less than 9,000. Despite this declining forecourt market, Keyfuels network has been constantly growing. Last year alone, 100 new sites were added to our network.

“The aim now is to have 1,600 sites available by the end of 2011,” added Harper. “Our network, backed up by state-of-the-art management and reporting systems, is the key strength of our business. This offers fleet operators convenience, choice, flexibility and consistency, allowing them to manage their fuel more effectively.”

Peter McCarthy, Keyfuels service and operations director, said: “This network growth has been achieved by working closely with our forecourt partners. Through our innovative service offering, that includes independent fuel card products, retail fleet cards, low merchant fees with smooth and efficient billing systems, forecourt retailers have the confidence that by joining Keyfuels’ network, we will increase their footfall and volume sales, making a positive impact on their bottom line.”