A car wash in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, had an unusual commission when nearby Legoland decided that the miniature cars in its driving school needed a spring clean.

Jim Platt, chairman of car wash, forecourt and car dealership Platts, explained: "Legoland contacted us and asked whether they could put them through our car wash."

The cars are 72cm by 144cm cars (roughly one-eighth of the size of a small car), and have no tops so the drivers are exposed. Jim said: "We were a bit concerned about the feasibility of washing the cars while the driver sat inside none of our technicians fancied trying it but their drivers were very brave and it all worked really well. It certainly demonstrates how gentle the car wash is and proves that no one is going to suffer any damage to their car if they put it through the car wash."

Although these were the most unusual customers dealt with by the car wash, Jim said the company prided itself on how flexible it was and, as a result, it has had some eye-catching vehicles pulling up at its Murco-branded petrol forecourt just down the road.

"Due to it being in a conservation area," said Jim, "we are restricted to assisted service only, and because we provide 4-star petrol we attract quite a lot of unusual cars.We’ve had Lagondas, Aston Martins, Bentleys, Rolls Royces and early MGs all filling up.