Controversial plans to build a petrol station on Asda’s overspill car park in Retford, Nottinghamshire, have taken a major step forward following the lifting of a restrictive covenant, according to a report in the local press. 

The Retford Times reports that planning bosses have agreed to lift a 17-year-old ruling, which stopped the site being used for anything other than parking; and understands that Asda’s application to build a filling station on the land has already been agreed in principle, although the authority said the final decision to allow the filling station plans to go ahead has yet to be made. 

Objections had been raised to the building of the four-pump automatic fuel station on the grounds it would cause traffic chaos; and the loss of car parking spaces in Retford would also cause problems.  Protestors were also concerned that emergency services – all three of which will be based in the same area of town once the new joint fire and ambulance station is complete - will be hampered by the volume of traffic the filling station could cause.