More than 40 of the prospective parliamentary candidates that signed the ACS’ Local Shops Pledge have gone on to become MPs, including members

from all major parties. The ACS wrote to prospective MPs across the country during the election campaign to ask for their support in recognising the contribution that local shops make to communities and the economy.

The local shops pledge is as follows: "Local shops make a vital contribution to the national and local economy. Shops also provide a valued service at the heart of communities throughout this constituency. As a Member of Parliament, I will work to ensure that this contribution is recognised and supported."

ACS Chief Executive James Lowman said: "The great response that we’ve had from PPCs shows just how valuable they see local shops in their communities. Now that the election is over, we will make sure that the candidates who were elected are up-to-date on the issues surrounding local shops and we hope to build strong relationships with these MPs."

He explained that the pledge established a link between the ACS and the next generation of MPs that will make the decisions affecting local shops in the coming years. He added: "Our job is to use this relationship to ensure that parliament fully understands the needs and concerns of local shops as they do their work."

The ACS said it would be contacting the new MPs over the next week to update them on policy issues and would be lobbying hard in the near future to ensure that local shops are at the front of their agendas.