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Three London boroughs top the league for chargepoint provision

London is the UK’s most electric vehicle friendly location based on the number of chargepoints per capita, a survey has found.

Insurance provider says that three London boroughs top the league for chargepoint provision. Westminster has one per 95 residents, while Southwark and Kensington & Chelsea have one for every 177 and 207 people, respectively.

Outside the capital, Coventry comes fourth with one public chargepoint for every 281 people.

The only other place outside Greater London in the top 10 is, perhaps surprisingly, the Scottish Orkney Islands, with one charger per 442 people. While the archipelago has a low population, it offers a significant number of chargers serving both tourists and locals, according to the survey. reports that the number of EVs is growing fastest in Stockport, with an average 851% annual increase over five years. Tesla’s Model Y is the most popular model for EV motorists.

The company’s Louise Thomas says that although the EV landscape is “evolving rapidly”, owners still face challenges. 

“Many people considering EVs worry about how far they can go before recharging”, she says. ”Even though newer models are improving, some consumers still have this concern. The number of charging stations, especially in rural areas, is another challenge.”