Former Liberal leader Lord Steel of Aikwood has called for Britain to follow the French and display the price their competitors charge for petrol, in a question to the House of Lords about fuel prices at motorway service stations.

He said motorway prices were about 10ppl higher than elsewhere and then gave business minister, Lady Wilcox, two options for tackling high motorway fuel prices. He asked her: “Will you consider referring the matter to the Office of Fair Trading or, on the other hand, copy what they do in France, which is on the approach to service stations have the notice board indicating the supplier and the price, not just at that station but at the following two, and that way promote competition?"

Lady Wilcox said the issue was "primarily a commercial matter" but made clear that she would consider Lord Steel’s suggestion about following the French idea."I’m very interested in that," she said. "That sounds like a very good idea."