A small minority of motorists use automated car washes, with a much higher proportion using hand car wash services, according to the latest research from British Car Auctions (BCA).

The BCA surveyed 625 motorists during July and found that one in three respondents said they get their car cleaned or clean it themselves at least every couple of weeks, with 18% getting it cleaned at least once a week. Of these nearly a third (31%) use a hand car wash service with only 6% going to an automated car wash.

For those motorists using a hand car wash, one in three go every couple of weeks and the same number around once a month. One in six get their car hand washed once a week.

More than 60% said they do it themselves, and 2% would get their partner to do it.

Tim Naylor, editor of BCA’s Used Car Market Report, commented: “It is great to see that so many motorists are investing in getting their car cleaned regularly. Anything that can be done to ensure a vehicle stays in good condition is going to help with getting a good resale value when they’re ready to change.”