The transition to a lower carbon environment presents its own challenges and is not going to happen overnight, stated UKPIA president, Brian Worrall, at the launch of the organisation’s 2011 Statistical Review of the downstream oil industry.


Speaking to an audience at the House of Commons that included Energy Minister Charles Hendry, sponsoring MP Stephen Crabb, and many other MPs and industry guests, Worrall said the industry recognised the ambitions integral to government policies underpinning carbon reduction but added: "The International Energy Agency forecasts that in 2035, even with a range of legislative measures to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, oil will still be meeting close to 80% of the EU’s transport requirements.


"Working together with government to an agreed policy vision will be an essential feature of meeting the numerous challenges facing the sector, as well as addressing the wider energy issues facing the nation, particularly those relating to security of supply, growing dependence upon imported fuels and the resilience of our fuel supply system."


He also said UK oil refineries continued to be under pressure for a number of reasons including the tough commercial climate and the reduced demand for oil products.