A motorway service station has won permission to erect a wind turbine to generate electricity despite objections from nearby residents.

Moto initially won permission for a 61m high turbine at its M6 northbound Stafford service station from Stafford Borough Council in 2011.

But the mast intended for installation has since gone out of production so the firm had to apply for planning permission to install an alternative, which is 13m taller.

Residents of Lakesedge at Cold Norton, who opposed the 2011 plans, raised objections to the latest application at the council’s planning committee meeting.

Brian Carter, speaking on behalf of Lakesedge Residents’ Association, said: “Our local environment is once again being threatened by the erection of a wind turbine for the next 25 years, which will not only be visible above the current hedgerows and trees due to its height but residents will be subject to the constant drone, vibration and ‘flicker effect’ as well as having their TV and radio reception affected.”

But Oliver Penney, speaking on behalf of Moto, said the power generated by the turbine would enable the firm to cut its electricity bill by 74%, helping to safeguard jobs at the site which employs 150 people.

Moto would also be contributing £20,000 to the community to spend on projects to benefit residents, he added.