Maxol Lubricants has introduced AdBlue starter packs across the Maxol network of more than 230 service stations across Ireland for the convenience of diesel car customers.

The company is providing advice to motorists confused by recent emissions legislation, which has led to the requirement for AdBlue to be used with most modern diesel cars. The product reduces emissions, and benefits drivers with improved fuel economy, cutting the cost of fuel.

Many drivers of diesel cars are unaware of the need for the product, according to Maxol, leading to customers’ cars breaking down. The company advises if customers are unsure, visit or call into a Maxol station for advice.

Owen O’Neill, general manager, Maxol Lubricants, commented: “We have noticed that a considerable number of motorists are unsure of what AdBlue is, why it is needed and where they can get it. It is our aim at Maxol Lubricants to make motorists aware of the importance of AdBlue and to make it convenient for them to top up their AdBlue tanks, by visiting our expanding network of service stations across the country.

“Many buyers of modern diesel cars may not even be aware of the requirement for AdBlue until the warning light appears on their dashboard telling them they are running low. We’ve seen this happen a number of times. My suggestion would be that any diesel car owner simply checks their vehicle manual for information.”

The four-litre AdBlue starter pack is available at Maxol at a cost of £12.99.