Brian Donaldson, chief operating officer of The Maxol Group, has welcomed the announcement that an additional £1.5m will be spent on new surveillance equipment and additional staff as part of a heightened offensive against criminals involved in fuel laundering in Northern Ireland.

He said: ”Maxol has always been committed to providing our customers with quality assured fuels and as such the fuel laundering epidemic has been a cause of great concern. As well as cheating taxpayers, this illegal activity damages the interest of consumers and the environment from the dumping of contaminated waste. We welcome the fact that the government is stepping up its response by investing in specialist vehicles and surveying equipment to track down the criminals.
“Through previous initiatives like ‘Maxol’s Fuels You Can Trust’ we have been at the forefront of ensuring consumers get quality fuel. Fuel laundering harms the interests of the legitimate retail trade and we fully support the efforts of all the agencies involved in seeking to stamp it out.”