The UK has the most comprehensive rapid chargepoint network for electric vehicles in Europe, according to transport minister Andrew Jones.

Speaking at Smarter Travel Live at the Arena MK in Milton Keynes, he said: “Plug-in vehicle registrations reached a record high in 2015, as 29,972 new ULEVs [ultra low emission vehicles] arrived on UK roads, more than the past four years’ totals rolled into one.

“That’s a success story the government wants to see continue, and that’s why in the last spending review we increased our support for the British ULEV market to £600m over this Parliament.

“Since 2011, around 70,000 plug in grant claims have been made, and with the continuation of the grant a further 100,000 people will get financial support when purchasing ULEVs.

“The UK is one of the largest markets for ULEVs in the EU and the fourth biggest in the world, and we now have the most comprehensive rapid chargepoint network in Europe.

“All this keeps us on track for all cars and vans on our roads to be effectively zero emission by 2050.”